I am going to list some useful websites for you and your child to look at during this time  to continue learning and reviewing. As I continue to say I appreciate your patience through all of this, this is all very new and unknown for many of us.  Please check regularly for updates, assignment information etc.

Always Check Teams... I have an active reading log to document your daily reading of 30 minutes.  I will be working on adding more as the days progress! 

Here are some links to get you started over the next week!   Make sure you are getting outside or playing without technology for a minimum of 60 minutes total a day! Color, dance, play outside, build a fort, cook with your family... be creative! 

Reading/Language Arts Links:

Readtheory.org   Class Code: YVT81ZAF
MyOn - Use your Clever Badge to access this
Scholastic Magazine Reading- Daily reading and activities
Fun Brain- Novels/Reading
Celebrities Read Stories
Dreamscape- Make sure you sign up! It's FREE! :) 

Math Links:
BrainPop- can be accessed through Clever
Khan Academy- Review topics from the year (fractions, decimals, rounding, converting, area, perimeter...)
Adventure Academy- Use the code SCHOOL7771 
Breakout EDU
Prodigy- play.prodigygame.com 

Your class code is: E3D5FA

students visit prodigygame.com/play, select new student, and enter your class code.