Mr. Seimer, Allie, Mrs Steimer, and Andy.

Mr.Steimer, Allie, Mrs. Steimer and Andy

      ****PARENTS AND                GUARDIANS****

Please read and assist your younger children, K-2 with the instructions to follow.  You may even enjoy doing the activities with your child! You (or your child)can email me directly with any questions during any of my office hours (as below)

Mon-Thurs:  1:30-3:00 


Music lessons for April-May 2020

I've begun joining zoom meetings in all of our classrooms.  Please watch for my happy smiling face to pop up in your weekly classroom meetings.  I will meet with your child's class every other week to allow me access to all of our Knights on a regular basis between now and the end of the year.  

My first meeting is informal and just meant as a meet and greet.  Follow up zoom meetings will include further guidance on lessons as needed, or just a chance for your child to show what they can do with their musical interests.

Please check with your child's teacher to know when my next zoom visit will be.   


The following lessons should take 30-60 minutes, depending on the skills and abilities of each student.  These lessons are sequential, meaning students can work at their own pace, from lesson to lesson, depending on the material. The master objective is listed at the top with the lesson number. Lessons should be done in number order, though older students may use some discretion depending on what they remember from music class.

Though the lessons are specified for specific grade levels, any students can try any of the lessons/sites on their own just for fun!! 


I've also begun posting"mini-lessons"  These lessons will be smaller in scope and be aimed at larger groups of students from multiple grades.   They will include a music recording and basic questions that will be designed to help you reflect on that recording and help you to better understand music around you in movies, tv, online, or however you listen to your music.

On occasion,  I may post a mini-lesson for a specific grade level only.  Please watch for the title of each lesson so you'll know which folder to access.

**(please note:  the lesson directions in the folders often refer to links on my webpage, where the directions were originally posted.  Please review the links in the top left of the my web page before your child goes through each lesson to help eliminate confusion.)**

Accessing the lessons, both sequential and mini, is easy.  Just click the link at the top left of this page, 'files and documents'.  When it's open, look for the lesson as it's titled, for example:  K and 1st, lesson 1.  Or 3rd grade, lesson 1. If you don't see your child's folder, go to the next page in that 'file container'

If it's a mini lesson, it will be labeled slightly differently.  For example:  ml #1, 2nd only, or ml #1 5th gr only.  These lessons will be more specialized for the typical child at that grade level.


The folders are labeled and listed in 'files and documents as follows:

sequential:   K and 1 lesson #
              4 and 5th lessons #
              3rd only lesson #
              2nd only lesson #

  ml #  3-5
               ml #  K-2
               ml # 1st only
                    2nd only
                    3rd only
                    4th only
                    5th only


I found an excellent podcast series for kids, and I posted the link to the left on this page, "Music Podcast for kids".  Just open the link, and pick the topic that sounds most interesting to your child.  They can listen to it while they're doing classwork, helping around the house, or just relaxing in their favorite chair.  
Once they listen, have them email me any details they may remember from their podcast.  If many students respond to a specific podcast, I may post that for future lessons!


Parents, please guide your child in locating the correct folder to access to find their specific lesson the first time they get online.  Once they've done it with you, they should know what to do.


I've set up a specific flipgrid where your child can post their work from any of my online lessons in a video format.  Your child will have 3 minutes to record their thoughts, results, screenshots, singing, etc; from my lessons.  Please use the site below for your child to record for me.  When they're ready, have them click the big green button and follow the onscreen prompts:


(direct link at left:


Please watch for school messenger updates from me,  and stay tuned to your child's zoom team meetings where I will have begun interacting with your awesome children!

I will respond to all students/parents directly via email and flipgrid for feedback and further guidance as needed.

start recording, and start

🎶  😍😎

J.F. Steimer
Music Specialist, Westridge Elementary



The three words above not only define my classroom rules but are absolutely essential for success in my music classes.  They are taught regularly and reinforced constantly through various activities and visual cues.  

Please recognize that despite popular culture and the abundance of talent shows on television,  success in performing and understanding music has less to do with talent and much more to do with developing skills.  How the person focuses and what
they focus on in the class is the key to their success in music and throughout the school. 

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All students at Westridge are seen every 5 days for regular instruction in music.  Goals and activities are drawn from VA and PWCS music s.o.l's.  I strive to provide a comprehensive experience in music through performance, active listening, and creating connections between music, other subjects, and their day to day lives.  I sincerely believe that instruction in music and the arts has the power to transform people's minds and positively impact their lives.

In addition to email, and this webpage, I am using the popular 'REMIND' app to keep our Westridge families informed as to upcoming musical events and music class updates.

On your cellphone, type in the number, 81010 in the "to" box, and type in the message box,  @28g9e4.  This should connect you to my remind page.  I plan on posting at least once a month in that space.  Watch for it!

Colorful music notes around a yellow circle


Our lessons in music each month are focused around various music concepts or themes.  All grade levels work on goals and projects that are specific to these goals and are tailored to their specific grade level or individual student needs.


Our focus for all grades is beat and rhythm awareness.  Classroom experiences are meant to clarify and define these concepts as a basis for all of our lessons from this point forward.


The focus is on expression and pitch matching.  Concepts such as tempo, dynamics, melodic movement, and descriptive vocabulary are covered in the upper grades, while our younger students focus more on pitch matching and identifying changes in sound.


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On your cellphone, type in the number, 81010 in the "to" box, and type in the message box,  @8fgfgd.  This should connect you to my remind page titled, "Singing Knights".  Please check often so you can stay informed about concert dates and other details concerning the this special group.



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On your cellphone, type in the number, 81010 in the "to" box, and type in the message box,  @westridgee.  This should connect you to my remind page titled, "Westridge Ensemble". 
 Please check often so you can stay informed about concert dates and other details concerning the this instrument group.


All students receive an S+, S, S- or N in music class.  Students are formally assessed on a skill or understanding twice a month, and are informally assessed on a regular basis through weekly observation.

Grades are based on the following criteria:  85% mastery of objective and 15% participation/effort.  Since music is primarily a performance discipline, their effort in reaching the objectives must be considered in their grade. 

I view these marks to be more like individual progress reports for your child.  If you see an "S" on a regular basis, your child is meeting objectives in a satisfactory manner.  If you see an "S+", they typically achieve mastery of objectives on their first try and participate in a very active manner on a regular basis.    An "S-" indicates they struggled a bit when they were checked on a skill, or they didn't participate in an active manner on a regular basis.  An 'N' would indicate that they struggle with the objective on a regular basis, or they often disrupt their own learning and the learning of their classmates with minimal participation or poor behavior choices. 

 For elementary students, participation is a key part of the lesson and music is a discipline that is best demonstrated through group and individual performance.

I will typically notify you in advance by email if there are any regular issues that would affect your child's learning or result in a lower grade. 

Since their classroom teacher is not involved in the my grading process, please email me directly if you have any questions about music grades.

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J.F. Steimer, Music Specialist, Westridge Elementary