March 25th 2020
Hello Parents, 
Starting Monday, I will be sending out daily task activities for you to do each day to help support individual learning. These activities are OPTIONAL :) 
Please check out the following sites!

  PWCS Schedule Sample for Each Grade Level: 
PWCS Home Learning

Dear parents & students, 

Wow! What a week its been! I miss your boys so much & I am hoping that we get to return to school soon. I have been using Bloomz as my source of communication for you all and that will continue throughout this extended "break". More details are to come regarding school work and how that will look for our classroom, I promise we will be flexible and work through this unknown process together!

On Friday, your child's Clever information was sent home. Use this information to log in and access the many wonderful websites PWCS has to offer! I will add them to the Useful links, as well as upload any files/documents that your child will need over the course of the next few weeks! As of right now, no work is required, however, I have uploaded some math word problems and our news2you newspaper with a variety of activities to go along with it! Those are some great places to start :) 

Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or if you need help logging on! 

Love, Miss McCrystal

Place announcements, files, Links, photos, curriculum scope etc

Daily Schedule 
"In our class" 


9:00-9:15: Morning Checklist/Free Read
9:15-9:30- Morning Meeting
9:30-10:00- Social Skills
10:00-10:50: Small Group Reading/3rd grade L/A  
10:50-11:15: Small Group Math Word Problems
12:00-12:45: 3rd grade Math
12:45-1:20: 4th grade L/A
1:20-2:05: 4th grade Math 
2:15-3:00: 3rd grade Social Studies