Ms. Warren

      Hello, my name is Ms. Warren.  After serving eight years in the United States Army, I later started my journey to become an educator by earning my Bachelor's Degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in Interdisciplinary Studies with a minor in Psychology in 2010.  My first teaching job was with the Richmond Public School system from 2011 to 2018, where I was the lead science teacher, a mentor teacher, and Wellness Champion.  Also during this time, I earned my Special Education license from Old Dominion University in 2014, and subsequently received my Master's of Education with a concentration in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Richmond in 2018.  While attending the University of Richmond, I also received a certification in Trauma Inform Care.  Woodbridge, Virginia became my home the summer of 2018.  This is my second year teaching with Westridge Elementary School, and my enjoyment here comes from assisting students who have learning differences.  If you need assistance with anything, please reach out to me.  My email address is [email protected]

   I miss all of you and I hope to see you again soon.  Students, be sure to log onto Dreambox daily.  This will help you to brush up on your math skills while we are out.  Also, remember to use your strategies and show your work. You are smart, you are amazing, I love you and we can do this.  If you get overwhelmed, step away from the assignment and come back to it when you are ready.  Please ask your parents if you don't understand something or need assistance.  Do your best to stay safe until we see one another again. Friday Treat will be amazing when we return.

     My hope is that all of you enjoyed your spring break. I have researched some websites that will help our children during this time. Check them out and tell me what you think.
 Here they are:

     Here are some new websites that cover science and reading. The reading website actually has the book read to the students. I think they will like them.
Here they are:

      These are games and activities that will keep our students intrigued and actively engaged. They are designed to adapt and meet each student where they are. Again, let me know what you think and I will continue researching new and exciting sites.
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Daily Schedule 

Tardy bell 9:10
Core Extension (F.A.I.R)
Lunch 11:56 - 12:26
Language Arts
Specials/Encore 2:55-3:40 (see schedule below)
Dismissal 3:50