Hello.  My name is Scott Hammond, and I am the Speech and Language Pathologist at Westridge Elementary School.  (PWCS knows me as Hugh Hammond.  My parents did a Jr. routine on my name, so I use my middle name.)  I have been at Westridge ES since May 2019. I have worked in PWCS since 2011.  I have worked in Baltimore City Public Schools, Montgomery County Public Schools, and Prince George's County Public Schools as well.  I have been a Speech and Language Pathologist, a first grade teacher, a school-based administrator, and a central office administrator.  My undergraduate and graduate training was completed at Towson State University in Maryland.  I completed additional coursework at The University of Maryland and Trinity College.  I retired in June 2018, and spent a year reflecting, enjoying my interests, and spending time with family.  After that year I realized I missed my identity, which is that of an educator and lifelong learner, and most of all I missed the children.  My personal beliefs are fairness, kindness, equity, communication, and children first.  

In that spirit, I am developing this space, which I have not utilized before, as a "jumping-off" space to connect with students and parents virtually.  The work I do with students is a bit different from that of other professionals.  The children don't complete "assignments", per se, I do not grade work, and the essence of my work is face-to-face therapeutic support to enhance communication skills.  

So this will be a "space under construction" as PWCS educators receive guidance regarding our virtual presence.  I will post helpful links, suggestions for activities, tablet and phone app suggestions, and other information.

This is a difficult time, and a time with an uncertain future.  It is a time to engage in the spirit of mutual support in our family lives, our social lives, and our professional lives.  

With a collective virtual elbow bump,

Scott Hammond, M.S., CCC-SLP

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Daily Schedule 

Tardy bell 9:10
Core Extension (F.A.I.R)
Lunch 11:56 - 12:26
Language Arts
Specials/Encore 2:55-3:40 (see schedule below)
Dismissal 3:50

DAY 1: PE  
DAY 3: PE