Mr. Seimer, Allie, Mrs Steimer, and Andy.

Mr.Steimer, Allie, Mrs. Steimer and Andy


The three words above not only define my classroom rules but are absolutely essential for success in my music classes.  They are taught regularly and reinforced constantly through various activities and visual cues.  

Please recognize that despite popular culture and the abundance of talent shows on television,  success in performing and understanding music has less to do with talent and much more to do with developing skills.  How the person focuses and what
they focus on in the class is the key to their success in music and throughout the school. 

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All students at Westridge are seen every 5 days for regular instruction in music.  Goals and activities are drawn from VA and PWCS music s.o.l's.  I strive to provide a comprehensive experience in music through performance, active listening, and creating connections between music, other subjects, and their day to day lives.  I sincerely believe that instruction in music and the arts has the power to transform people's minds and positively impact their lives.


Our lessons in music each month are focused around various music concepts or themes.  All grade levels work on goals and projects that are specific to these goals and are tailored to their specific grade level or individual student needs.


Our focus for all grades is beat and rhythm awareness.  Classroom experiences are meant to clarify and define these concepts as a basis for all of our lessons from this point forward.


The focus is on expression and pitch matching.  Concepts such as tempo, dynamics, melodic movement, and descriptive vocabulary are covered in the upper grades, while our younger students focus more on pitch matching and identifying changes in sound.


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Our Westridge Singing Knight chorus practices in two groups every Tuesday and Wednesday from October through April.  Concerts will be scheduled in advance and attendance to weekly practice and scheduled concerts is mandatory.



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Ensemble activities for 4th and 5th graders will resume in the fall of 2022.  Weekly practices will be Thursdays from 7:50-8:45.  Students must own their own soprano recorder and have basic music reading skills to participate.



All students receive an S+, S, S- or N in music class.  Students are formally assessed on a skill or understanding twice a month, and are informally assessed on a regular basis through weekly observation.

Grades are based on the following criteria:  85% mastery of objective and 15% participation/effort.  Since music is primarily a performance discipline, their effort in reaching the objectives must be considered in their grade. 

I view these marks to be more like individual progress reports for your child.  If you see an "S" on a regular basis, your child is meeting objectives in a satisfactory manner.  If you see an "S+", they typically achieve mastery of objectives on their first try and participate in a very active manner on a regular basis.    An "S-" indicates they struggled a bit when they were checked on a skill, or they didn't participate in an active manner on a regular basis.  An 'N' would indicate that they struggle with the objective on a regular basis, or they often disrupt their own learning and the learning of their classmates with minimal participation or poor behavior choices. 

 For elementary students, participation is a key part of the lesson and music is a discipline that is best demonstrated through group and individual performance.

I will typically notify you in advance by email if there are any regular issues that would affect your child's learning or result in a lower grade. 

Since their classroom teacher is not involved in the my grading process, please email me directly if you have any questions about music grades.

J.F. Steimer, Music Specialist, Westridge Elementary
[email protected]